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We buy homes directly from property owners, at auction, and through collaboration with real estate brokers. Email Us Now!



Moon Street is able to accommodate Sellers with a fast, all-cash closing process. Moon Street is a qualified buyer who can provide solutions for property owners who find themselves in the following situations:

  1. Pre-Foreclosure
  2. Foreclosure
  3. Undercapitalized with significant repairs
  4. Property Inheritance
  5. Property owners simply looking for a fast, transparent sales process
  6. Divorce
  7. Short Sales


Real Estate Brokers & Agents.

We are constantly teaming up with real estate brokers to find new homes to add to the portfolio. Whether your client needs to close quickly, needs to close in cash, or has major repairs that need to be made to the home, we are open to learn of such opportunities. If your client has one home, or several, we are also interested. We are a 100% real estate broker protected firm.


Banks & Lending Institutions.

Moon Street is able to provide banks and lending institutions with different creative and quick liquidity solutions. We are always interested in acquiring individual notes, note pools and REO.

Moon Street

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Moon Street is a real estate investment firm that focuses on the single-family rental (SFR) and manufactured homes segment throughout the United States.

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