Single-Family Rentals Marketplace

Moon Street was founded to leverage untapped value in the single-family real estate market with found efficiencies of operating in the middle-market space. There is an abundant amount of institutional capital chasing individual deals with minimum equity deployment thresholds of generally not less than $10 million, and there are too few deals to furnish this demand. Due to this, the returns being generated in that deal size have compressed and thus made the deals less compelling. Moon Street has been closely observing the herd-like and groupthink investment strategies of most institutional real estate players. We have developed our investment criteria to generate compelling investment opportunities through aggregating a portfolio of single-family rental homes and creating a sizeable portfolio.

Manufactured Homes

Similar to the SFR asset class, the manufactured homes segment has also been a traditionally fragmented marketplace. Operating manufactured homes is similar to that of operating an SFR community, so it is a natural fit for Moon Street to own and operate in the manufactured space. We specialize in manufactured home communities with 30 or more pads.


After ten years of managing a portfolio of three-and-four-unit buildings, we have created an efficient management methodology utilizing technology and standardized systems and processes. We have invested in proprietary and non-proprietary technologies that give tenants online access to applications that will allow them to enjoy a simple and seamless lease lifestyle.