Moon Street is a real estate investment firm that focuses on the single-family rental (SFR) and manufactured homes segment throughout the United States.

Single-Family Rentals

Moon Street was founded to leverage untapped value in the single-family real estate market with found efficiencies of operating in the middle-market space. We have developed our investment criteria to generate compelling investment opportunities through aggregating a portfolio of single-family rental homes and creating a sizeable portfolio.

In addition, Moon Street provides equity to local home builders on build-to-rent communities. Moon Street assists with branding the asset, lease-up and management.

Manufactured Housing

Moon Street is entrepreneurial-minded and can provide creative purchase solutions to community owners who are looking to dispose of their assets. We conduct a methodical and swift due diligence process and are able to close quickly.

Once Moon Street owns a community, we implement our management systems and processes to improve community-living.


After ten years of managing a portfolio of three-and-four-unit buildings, we have created an efficient management methodology utilizing technology and standardized systems and processes. We have invested in proprietary and non-proprietary technologies that give tenants online access to applications that will allow them to enjoy a simple and seamless lease lifestyle.