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Homeownership is important to many people; however, many people find it difficult to take the necessary steps required to reach that goal. Moon Street will implement its Path to Homeownership Plan with any resident that expresses the desire to own their home one day. This plan provides residents with the appropriate. education, budgeting and planning so that they can be prepared to purchase a home of their own.

After an assessment of the resident’s finances and credit, we will formulate a strategy that can be implemented immediately. The action steps will set milestones on savings, methods to increase credit scores, and education on the appropriate financing options. The plan will conclude with narrowing the search criteria and taking the steps to begin looking for a home. Depending on each case, we aim to successfully achieve homeownership committed residents within 3-5 years.

While the path is not always easy, we believe that our plan will increase the chances of achieving the goal of homeownership.