A real estate investment firm.

Moon Street deploys capital into single-family homes in high growth, primarily transit-rich, historically stable markets in the United States. Moon Street provides liquidity to banks and homeowners through purchasing distressed single-family homes, homes from under-capitalized owners, and senior note pools.

We also provide homeowners with abundant inventive solutions to assist with their varying needs such as sale-lease back and equity recapitalization options.

Creating Value

Sustainable Growth


We are a company founded on creating value, long-term vision, and sustainable growth. The framework that we have created is duplicatable and scalable. We adapt environmentally friendly and tech-savvy solutions into every Moon Street home, which in turn allows us to manage the property operations more efficiently.

Moon Street provides investors with risk adjusted returns by investing in resilient communities.

Curating a Lease Lifestyle

Moon Street aims to fill the gap for Millennials and others who want to live in more affordable areas outside major city hubs that have a lower cost of living. We can provide them with a cutting-edge lease lifestyle experience by designing a process that makes living in a Moon Street property simple and seamless. Our goal is to provide residents with a superior service by leveraging technology to simplify the payment process, maintenance requests submission process, and overall living experience.